Short 1 min. sample of our board work

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

These are examples of the storyboard work done by Golden Street Animation and it's Artists

We are currently storyboarding for the Film Roman/Starz media television series called "Dan Vs." airing on the HUB network.  We do not yet have permission to show that work here but below you can view other samples done for other projects. We are also doing board work for the shows, "Teenage Fairytale Dropouts" for Home Plate entertainment and "Clohe's Closset" for MoonScoop.
  • If you are a producer or other interested party wanting to hire out our story board services, contact Scott T. Petersen to view our latest work on a private connection.  email:  phone: (801) 374-3394

The complete boards for the short "Franky's 2D experiment"

Below are a few sample boards for a Flash animation show we are currently boarding on:

The following storyboards show a different style.  More for a realistic action adventure series

The Following boards are another sample of our work on Teenage Fairy Tale Dropouts

The following are a lot more loose and cartoony.  They are for our very own short films that we are producing.  This episode is called "The Field is Green"

Click here to view the animatic teaser clip for this series (scratch track only)

The following boards were for a corporate commercial pitched to a construction company.

Scott T. Petersen, Owner of Golden Street Animation Productions
Click on the following links for other samples of our work.

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Short sample of Dan Vs. Story boards done by Golden Street Animation

Short sample of our work on Teenage Fairytale Dropouts


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